Yamaha R1 Project
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I test rode the bike briefly and it was running rough. It had been stored for 2 years so the carbs were the suspect at this stage.  The tacho was indicating 7000rpm while the bike was running indicating the Exup valve wasnít working.

First thing was to strip off all the body work to have a look at this thing naked.

The Exup valve was seized solid and no amount of soaking and thrashing would free the valve. At this point it became obvious the actuator solenoid for the Exup valve had also failed. No surprise there. I decided rather than repair the valve I would remove the valve and fit an eliminator module in its place.

Everything was covered in grease and years of accumulated dirt so I stripped the exhaust and cases of and gave it a good pressure washing.
This was clear it was going to take some time to remove this black chain lube that seems to have coated everything.  I decided to get on with the servicing so I ordered the oil and filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, and the Exup eliminator. While waiting for the service parts to arrive I removed the exhaust and managed to remove the sheared screws from the valve aperture and extract the seized valve.
Everything was again degreased and pressure washed. The engine service was completed and the exhaust refitted. I filled the tank with fresh fuel and she fired up no problem.  I thought I was on a winner here so I carried on doing more cleaning and general tidying up of pipes and looms. The silencer was fitted and the engine again run up to check the exhaust for leaks, but this time it was running like a dog again misfiring and difficult to start. I checked the fuel pump and all was OK so at that point I realised it was carbs off time.

I ordered the carb rebuild kits from M&P and while waiting for these to arrive I gave the carbs a thorough cleaning. To be honest I should have done this to start with but I was hoping I didnít have too. Stupid I know. The carbs were bad inside and out, even the float bowl gaskets had perished and gone brittle. The new carb kits arrived and the carbs were reassembled and re-installed on the bike. This time when I started her up she was once again running on all 4 cylinders. After the initial warm up she settled down to a steady tick over and she was running sweet again.

So now back to the cosmetics. The tail piece is a different red to the rest of the bike although apparently a brand new one the previous owner fitted.

The story continues.

All my pictures have been uploaded to Drop Box. Click the link below to go to the Drop Box gallery.

After 40 years and over 40 bikes I gave up with bikes 4 years ago. Yes, difficult living without a bike. I didnít intend to get one again but a friend approached me asked me if I was interested in a cheap R1 (Cheap neverÖ.whatís wrong?). I said no not really but being local I would take a look at the weekend. After viewing and seeing a dog of a bike and listening to it, I decided to give it a miss. BUT on the way home my other half talked me into buying the bike. Never before has this happened!!! So I picked the bike up with the trailer the following Wednesday.
R1 project 5JJ 2000
I purchased the R1 at the beginning of December 2018.
This was a bit of a dog but the price was right so I decided to have a go at bringing it back from near death and the breakers yard. The picture doesnít tell the full story. It doesn't show the amount of neglect this poor bike had suffered. I know It looks pretty good in the picture but not in real life.

Now its February 8 weeks on and I have everything completed that I had originally planned. A lot quicker than originally anticipated but I did put a lot of time into this project.
All the pictures tell the story and it was a story of neglect and poor servicing. Possibly one of the better bikes I have brought back to life and certainly one of the prettiest.
Will I keep it Ö that I donít know.
December 17th 2018 Before
February 9th 2019 After
8 weeks
R1 G2 (1)
R1 G2 (2)
R1 G2 (3)
R1 G2 (4)
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R1 G3 (1)
R1 G3 (2)
R1 G3 (3)
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R1 G3 (21)
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R1 G5 (6)
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R1 Feb4