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up Parent Directory 30-Mar-2018 18:01 - unknown 160 80m RX Aerial.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 4k unknown 160m Low Noise Aerial.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 4k unknown Thumbs.db 23-Feb-2018 18:31 20k unknown 50 & 70Mhz Dual Quad.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 28k unknown 4m J Pole.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 32k unknown 4m Slim Jim.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 36k unknown Standard Dipole Construction.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 44k unknown TheEasyWay Aerials.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 68k unknown Aerial Dimension Chart.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 72k unknown Aerial Trimming chart.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 76k unknown An Aerial for All.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 96k unknown 2 and 3 ele quad.pdf 22-Feb-2018 21:55 104k unknown 4m Whip.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 108k unknown 4m Delta.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 112k unknown HF Receiving Loop.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 116k unknown Hentenna 6m.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 116k unknown Ice scraper Dipole centre.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 124k unknown 4m Coax Dipole.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 132k unknown 4m Double Bazooka.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 132k unknown 4m Hentenna.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 132k unknown 4m Vertical Half Wave.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 132k unknown 4m Moxon.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 136k unknown 2 six metre aerials.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 180k unknown Dipole T Mount.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 212k unknown Aerial Dimension Chart Plus More Info.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 264k unknown Small 160m Loop.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 268k unknown 40m Tak Tenna.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 528k unknown Idea on Moxon Construction.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 548k unknown TAK tenna design and tests.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 564k unknown Olinger_FCP_article_as_published_in_NCJ (1).pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 680k unknown Half Wave Dipole with Balun.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:32 2040k unknown wire2.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:29 3080k unknown wire1.pdf 23-Feb-2018 18:31 8800k

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