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I spend a lot of my time working on improving my Web SDR receivers which are available to listen to online.

I am active on all bands but only data modes on the higher bands. 160 & 80 meters have always been my main interest. The main station antenna is a doublet with a 240 foot top at a height of 50 feet. I also have an inverted L for 160 meters (Experimental). I have tried many types.

The station radios are an IC7700, Yaesu FT2000D, Kenwood TS2000 and the usual IC7300.

I usually have a schedule on 1946 KHz at lunch times please call in if you can hear us. Itís not the best time of day for 160 meters but we have had some good contacts.

Please remember there will be occasional disruption to the SDR receivers when I am transmitting.
Web SDR Hosting Group