I operate on all bands when they are active but only data modes on the higher bands. 160 & 80 meters have always been my main interest over the years. Thats where you will find me most weekends. I am not a 5 & 9 rubber stamp QSO person unless its data modes. On SSB I much prefer a chat and an honest signal report.

My antenna interests are really focused on 160 meters and 80 meters. I have a 220 foot doublet at 40 feet tuned with a Palstar AT2K  and an inverted L .  I am working on various types of receive loops trying out various noise reduction receiver amps and speakers.I installed a Kiwi-SDR on my latest loop and they work really well together covering 10Khz to 30Mhz.
You can have a play with this SDR on here (
m0kwr.ddns.net:8073) There is a growing community on the internet and a full list of SDR receivers can be found here, (sdr.hu)
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Kent Royce
Amateur Radio for fun
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I have been a radio amateur for many years now and these are a few pages that show where my amateur radio interests have focused over this time.
It’s a fascinating hobby with so many different facets to keep you interested.

Top band  WebSDR receiver (running PA3FWM dist11 software) .This is a Softrock SDR on 160 mtrs and an SDRPlay RSP1 on 80  mtrs.
All band SDR
Kiwi all band web SDR receiver using an active loop antenna.
160/80 meter SDR
Yamaha R1 5JJ