I operate on all bands when they are active but only data modes on the higher bands. 160 & 80 meters have always been my main interest over the years. Thats where you will find me most weekends. I am not a 5 & 9 rubber stamp QSO person unless its data modes. On SSB I much prefer a chat and an honest signal report.

My antenna interests are really focused on 160 meters and 80 meters. I have a 220 foot doublet at 40 feet tuned with a Palstar AT2K  and an inverted L .  I am working on various types of receive loops trying out various noise reduction receiver amps and speakers.I installed a Kiwi-SDR on my latest loop and they work really well together covering 10Khz to 30Mhz.
You can have a play with this SDR on here (
m0kwr.ddns.net:8073) There is a growing community on the internet and a full list of SDR receivers can be found here, (sdr.hu)
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Kent Royce
Amateur Radio for fun
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I have been a radio amateur for many years now and these are a few pages that show where my amateur radio interests have focused over this time.
It’s a fascinating hobby with so many different facets to keep you interested.

Top band  WebSDR receiver (running PA3FWM dist11 software) available here.
160 meter SDR
All band SDR
Kiwi all band web SDR receiver using an active loop antenna.