I operate on all bands when they are active but only data modes on the higher bands. 160 & 80 meters have always been my main interest over the years. Thats where you will find me most weekends. I am not a 5 & 9 rubber stamp QSO person unless its data modes. On SSB I much prefer a chat and an honest signal report.

At one time I liked collecting old radios,(FT101 FT102 FT902) and over the past few years I have owned most of the old valve equipment but as the shack space was at a premium and I and needed a new radio or two to catch up with present day equipment it all had to go. (Thanks Ham Radio Deals) Anyway I had to make room for my newer equipment so I sold all the old valve gear and I purchased a Yaesu FT2000D. I love the radio and the DSP is a great performer.

I made over 3000 data mode (PSK 31 RTTY) contacts in the first year I owned this radio.  I interfaced a Beranger mixer to make use of the EQ along with a studio microphone. The reports have been great and the audio is superb so I carried on with this Yaesu for a few more months until Icom brought out their new IC7300. I had to have one just to find out what all the fuss was about. I think most people I know on the radio purchased an ic7300 at that time. Icom must have made a fortune selling the IC7300 you hear so many of them on the bands.

The ic7300 is an amazing little radio and I have to say I get on with my first Icom very well. Its remote operation and data mode operation make this a fantastic radio. I know it’s an SDR radio but I really didn’t notice the difference to be honest. The little Icom ic7300 was as good as my Yaesu FT2000D. I think the strong point with the IC7300 is it sounds great straight out of the box on the standard microphone. The compliments on the TX audio from the ic7300 kept coming and I really enjoyed using it on the 160 Meter nets. The big screen with all the information on a touch screen was something new to me though and I loved the water fall and the band scope. I decided to have a look at what else was available from Icom that had a large screen and a 200 watt PA. When I saw the big ic7700 I fell in love with it.
I could have gone for the IC7800 with the extra receiver but it’s not something I have ever really used on my FT2000D so I stayed with the idea of an ic7700. It has to be the best radio of all time so far, for me anyway.  I love the remote operating and the ease of doing data modes; it just amazes me with its DSP and noise cancelling performance. With 200w output and a superb receiver fitted with excellent tuneable filters it’s a pleasure to operate and with real punchy TX audio that you can tune just the same as the ic7300. This radio is a real keeper for me even though Icom have now come out with the ic7610 with low spec than I was expecting compared to the IC7700. (Only my opinion boys). Is it 2 ic7300s in one box? A very fine radio I am sure, maybe one day I might try one.
I still have all the these radios in the shack including my vintage Kenwood TS2000 that I purchased 10 years ago for 2 metres and 70 cm operation. I enjoy operating them all from time to time
My antenna interests are really focused on 160 meters and 80 meters. I have a 220 foot doublet at 40 feet tuned with a Palstar AT2K  and an inverted L .  I am working on various types of receive loops trying out various noise reduction receiver amps and speakers.I installed a Kiwi-SDR on my latest loop and they work really well together covering 10Khz to 30Mhz.
You can have a play with this SDR on here (
m0kwr.ddns.net:8073) There is a growing community on the internet and a full list of SDR receivers can be found here, (sdr.hu)
Vielen Dank fur Ihren Besuch auf meiner Website. Ich hoffe Sie finden etwas interessantes
Many thanks for visiting my Website I hope you find it interesting
This an over view of my radio equipment and interests in amateur radio. I hope you enjoy your visit to my web site.
Kent Royce
Amateur Radio for fun
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I have been a radio amateur for many years now and these are a few pages that show where my amateur radio interests have focused over this time.
It’s a fascinating hobby with so many different facets to keep you interested.